What's so special about experience tours in Ibaraki?

Ibaraki Prefecture is easy to reach from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. It takes about 90 minutes to go by car from Tokyo to central Ibaraki, which is very close. Because Ibaraki Prefecture is very close to Tokyo, tourists can enjoy both the bustling urban beauty and the pristine nature of Ibaraki. They can easily combine the Golden Route and create a new journey. Please refer to the attractive places in Ibaraki below.

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Asahi Beer Ibaraki Factory
You will be amazed at the size of the beer-brewing tanks lined up in the factory. This is one of the most advanced beer production lines in Japan. The packing site is wide enough to accommodate 3 jet aircraft.

After finishing the tour, please wait to try the delicious draft beer here! From the beer-tasting hall 60 meters above the ground, you can see the Kanto region. And if it is on a sunny day, you can also see Mount Fuji or the Tokyo Skytree Tower.

Address: 1 chome 1-1 Midori, Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Participation fee: Free (Booking in advance is required)
Time: 9:30~15:00
Visiting time: 90 minutes

Kirin Beer Toride Factory
Toride Factory is proud to be the largest beer production site in Japan. It is owned by Kirin Beer Company. There are dedicated buses to take visitors around the different buildings of the factory. On the "tour of finding the secret to the best tastiness of beer", visitors can taste each beer to compare its wheat essence. It is the most important ingredient that makes the best tastiness of beer. The regular beer combines first-grade and second-grade wheat essences to make beer, Meanwhile, Kirin's beer uses no other ingredients than first-grade wheat essence as its name implies. Visitors will understand why Kirin beer is so delicious. It is thanks to its own production method.

Location: 188-1 Kuwahara, Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Participation fee: Free
Time: 10:00~15:00
Visiting time: 80~100 minutes


On November 7, 2019, the "Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road" was recognized as one of the "National Cycling Routes". The routes were implemented in Japan as a measure to promote cycling. In addition, this was the first time to recognize 3 national cycling routes, the other two of which are Biwaichi (Shiga Prefecture) and Shimanami Kaido (Hiroshima Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture).

“Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road” is a cycling route with a total length of 180km.

The “Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road” has quite an even surface and almost no sharp turns, so even beginners can easily cycle here.

There are also many short programs that do not require pedaling all the way. We recommend cycling in the hilly area around Mount Tsukuba for professionals as a team-building activity.

Marathon contests
In Ibaraki Prefecture, many marathons are held throughout the year. Many foreigners recently participated. And there is also an integrated program in the tour. The contests vary from short distances of about 3, 5, 10km to long distances such as semi-marathon or full marathon. Hence, tourists can participate as they wish. They can enhance teamwork through running a marathon, can’t they?

We recommend that tourists join because they can enjoy the wonderful views of each season together.

Tsukuba Science Tour 
Upon demand of the tourist group, we can recommend the most suitable attractions, guide, adjust and book tours in advance from about 50 research organizations. Below are some of our recommendations.
Means: The organization can arrange transportation such as buses
(※Depending on the organization, the number of visitors can vary, but at least 10 people are required)
Usage examples: Studying and researching about the company, etc.
Typical tours: sightseeing or other destinations as requested. Depending on the number of visitors, we will recommend suitable tours.

Cyberdyne Studio
Cyberdyne Studio is a facility where visitors can interact with the latest robotic technology.
Visitors can see modern robots in action such as the Robot Suit HAL® by CYBERDYNE. In addition, many robots are on display for visitors to visualize the history of robot development. Among them are robots appearing in stories, or robots exhibited at trade fairs, etc.

Tsukuba Expo Center
At Tsukuba Expo Center, tourists can freely learn about different fields of sciences. Among them are space science, ocean science, and energy science. Through exhibition activities, the sciences are easy to understand.
At the world's largest observatory, visitors can see the entire starry sky vividly. In addition, there are experiential exhibitions such as the Airbus car or the scientific amusement park.

Tsukuba Space Center under The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
The Tsukuba Space Center was built In 1972 as a site for Japan's space development project. This is where research was developed on artificial satellites or robots. Experiments were also performed here on the development and track control of launched artificial satellites. Besides, Tsukuba was used to manage the operation of the Japanese test station "Kibo". This is an international space station that provides astronaut training.

A guided tour is available, showing tourists around part of Japan's largest-scale aerospace development facility.
Guided tour:
Time: 10:00~, 11:30~, 13:30~, 15:00~ (group of 20 people or more)
Participation fee for a group of 20 people: 10,000 yen (for 21 people and above: 500 yen per exceeding person)
Duration: 70 minutes


Living a farmer’s life in Ibaraki Prefecture

Let’s live with farmers from the Hiroura Rural Experience Promotion Association in Ibaraki Town!

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