High-class experience with a sea cruise

Nowadays, leisure travel is not simply about resting and relaxing in the luxurious space of high-end resorts. It actually features many other attractive forms. This summer, Vietravel will treat tourists to a resort experience by cruise where they can immerse themselves in nature and float on the sea.

  10/11/2021 11:49

When it comes to sea travel, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc have always been the top destinations. They boast many interesting activities such as swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving, sea walking, etc. However, coming to two island paradises these days, travel lovers will have a new experience, namely yacht cruises.

Yachts have always brought a sense of luxury and elegance. This used to be a luxury form of entertainment in Western countries many centuries ago because it was intended only for the aristocracy. However, over time, the purpose of using yachts has been more flexible and suitable for many different targets. When going on a yacht cruise, in addition to capturing every beautiful moment on the coasts of Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, you can feel the fresh tropical breeze. Moreover, you can enjoy high-class meals in a luxurious and elegant space, or experience scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, etc. And of course, this is also ideal to take luxurious photos for social networks with your family, lovers or close friends, etc.

Catamaran Sarita Phu Quoc Yacht, known as little princess Sarita from poetic France, has a delicate and elegant beauty of French style. It also features white sails rising proudly in the middle of the blue sea. Sarita also brings comfort through the most modern equipment with a smart open design. This allows guests to watch the sea from any position on the yacht.

Sarita will put you on an excursion to the beautiful An Thoi Archipelago to discover the magnificence of the natural scenery. You will also get to transform yourself into a fisherman who personally fishes fresh fish to make the perfect sashimi. Sarita also offers snorkeling for you to watch the colorful coral shimmer on the seabed.

The Emperor Nha Trang Cruise was designed and inspired by the delicate life of King Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam. It aims to give tourists an impressive experience in every moment like in the royal times. Furthermore, its itineraries are built to bring high-class experiences including the enjoyment of music, art, architecture, culture, food, and history. They are all intertwined with outdoor activities on the cruise ship. 

The Emperor Cruise introduces two unique itineraries for tourists to choose from: "Feasting on a seafood lunch" and "Going on a sunset cruise on Nha Trang Bay". Each journey brings a very different experience.


For the first option, guests can enjoy cocktails, visit unspoiled islands or learn about local culture, history and cuisine. They can also swim, sunbathe or kayak in the blue water. Other activities include riding in a coracle to float around the fishing village and enjoying a hearty feast with fresh seafood.

For the second option, tourists will get to watch the sun radiate its red rays across the wide sea and between remote islands. A lively cocktail party at sunset will also be served. In addition, guests can savor a hearty, sophisticated dinner to the accompaniment of guitar and violin. The setting will be very romantic below the stars and in the bright moonlight mixed with the brilliant lights of Nha Trang City at night.

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