8 things you need to know before visiting Singapore

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world you can visit but don’t let that fool you for a second, it’s also one pretty exciting place, especially if you’re visiting Singapore for the first time. Take a look below at some of the things you need to know before visiting Singapore.

  04/12/2019 15:01

1. Singapore is safe

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Visiting Singapore is not only easy but also very safe. Like walking back home at 4 am on your own down a dark and quiet street safe! It’s one of the safest places in the world for solo (or group) travellers.

2. Singapore isn’t cheap

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One thing you’ll notice when visiting Singapore is how much more expensive it is compared with other areas in Asia.

This city-state apparently has the most millionaires in the world so perhaps this isn’t much of a surprise but Singapore easily outranks renowned expensive cities like London and New York when it comes to prices.

3. Singapore has cheap food

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For how expensive Singapore is, it also has really cheap food! Which, let’s be honest, is perfect when visiting Singapore. The food, of course, is at the ‘Hawker Centres’ (not the expensive restaurants or shops in the malls). Local Singaporeans eat at these hawker centres so it’s also a great way to meet some Singaporeans.

4. Orchard is the fanciest place in Singapore

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Hands down, when visiting Singapore you’ll quickly realise that Orchard has some of the most expensive apartments in Singapore.

There are high-end boutiques at pretty much every corner you turn and pretty much anything you’re looking for that you can’t find anywhere else.

5. Singapore has durian fruit

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Durian fruit is eaten quite a lot here and you’ll smell it when visiting Singapore… especially in the markets. Apparently, the trick is to try it just before it starts to get too ripe and to buy it at the start of the day before it gets further ripened by the sun.

6. Visiting Singapore Changi Airport is breezy

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Singapore’s Changi airport is hands-down one of the best airports in the world! There’s so much to see and do in the airports here that it’s a great place to have a transit in.

7. Public transport is easy when visiting Singapore

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The train (MRT) system here is very efficient, air-conditioned and worth using to get across the city. It’s also not too expensive so you should make the most of it when you visit.

8. Chilli Crab is amazing

One pretty dish you have to try when visiting Singapore is chilli crab. It’s actually quite a big dish so try to find out in advance how many people they’d recommend having to share it.

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